Tama is the nickname for Juan Carlos Tamajón. He has been immersed in the world of performing arts since 2000, wearing various hats such as a circus artist, lighting and sound technician, production expert, lighting designer, visual designer, and more. In recent years, his focus has shifted towards technical and artistic design for shows and installations, seamlessly blending different disciplines in his works. These include the integration of video, cutting-edge technologies, and interactivity, always highlighting the pivotal role of light as a medium of expression.


His skills encompass a wide range of tasks, from creative coding using Derivate TouchDesigner, Arduino, and Cycling 74 Max to the creation of audiovisual content with Adobe After Effects and Unreal Engine. Not to mention his proficiency in the field of lighting and visuals for performances, utilizing tools such as Wysiwyg, Chamsys MagicQ, Madmapper, Resolume, and other related resources. All these tools seamlessly integrate into his Light Art projects, consolidating his multidisciplinary approach and his ability to unify diverse techniques into a unique artistic expression.

Currently, he operates as an independent professional, breathing life into his own artistic installations and closely collaborating with theater and dance companies. His teaching expertise stands out, notably leading the videomapping techniques course at the Andalusian Performing Arts Training Center and delivering master classes on interactive lighting and video control using light consoles.

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